The Spindrift Story by Mike McDowell

It all started in 1999. For several years, I had been sewing climbing equipment while working at Metolius Mountain Products in Bend, Oregon. In my free time, I enjoyed skijoring (cross country skiing with a pulling dog) with my Husky Mix, Max. So, while working at Metolius Mountain Products, I designed and made my own skijoring equipment. By incorporating a bungee core into the skijoring tow line, the stretching function allowed Max to run in stride, thereby eliminating the "snapping" of the line when she ran out to the end. In addition, the bungee core recoiled to nearly half its overall length when Max was running close to me, thereby reducing the amount of tow line to deal with.

I loved the strength and durability of the tubular nylon webbing we used in our climbing gear at Metolius Mountain Products, so I decided to use it in all of my dog gear. I developed a six foot leash version of the skijoring tow line and put a buckle in the handle, thus creating a quick and easy tie-down feature. I named the leash the "Max Walker".

I also wanted a collar to go with my new "Max Walker" leash. After much trial and error, I came up with the idea for the Comfort Collar. By "stuffing" the tubular climbing webbing, I was able to create a super strong, rounded collar that wouldn’t mat my Husky’s thick coat.

The "Cozy" line of products were created by adding fleece to the Max Walker and the Standard Collar, and was the ideal compliment for my first two products. I was off and running!

The rest, as they say, is history. I owe a huge thank you to Doug Phillips of Metolius Mountain Products, for allowing me to use his machines in the very early stages of Spindrift; to Lisa Joy of the now closed Biscuits of Bend, for her help in entering the pet retail world; and to my family for their endless support.

Spindrift has grown a lot from those early days. Today, we are a "company" with employees, our own machines, a state of the art website and an international clientele. Nevertheless, our approach to dog gear has stayed exactly the same…….we make products that we use with our own dogs.

The gear we make is some of the strongest in the industry (the original Spindrifter still lives and fly’s in my back yard after a decade of use) and we strive for innovation. (Why would we want to make a product that we can already buy?).

Every day, our own dogs put Spindrift gear to the test by playing in the mountains, the rivers and the desert surrounding Bend, Oregon. We hope that you and your pup will enjoy our products as much as we do and will help you remember to Play Every Day!

Find a Spindrift Retailer:

425 NE Windy Knolls Dr.
Suite # 3
Bend, OR 97701